We, Lucile-Meisel, are pleased to collaborate from now on with singer and songwriter, Filippo Grasso, within the framework of a long-term and exclusive agreement.

In 2017, Grasso co-wrote the album „Etna“ by Luca Vasta, produced by Philipp Steinke. In 2020, he collaborated with Benjamin Brümmer and Henrik Oberbossel on the title track of the eponymous album „Hautnah“ for Vincent Gross, which reached #7 in the Official German Charts. Filippo Grasso also wrote four more singles for the follow-up album „Frei“, which secured 4th in the charts in Germany and 1st place in Switzerland. He was also featured on Anna-Carina Woitschacks album „Lichtblicke“ with „Liebe Was Sonst“, which achieved its best chart result at #5 in the Official German Charts.

Born in Dortmund, he is also active as a singer under his stage name FASO. After releasing his first successful singles, FASO accompanied Jini Meyer and Alexander Diehl as a support act on their German tours in 2019. In 2020, Faso then released the single „Heller“ in collaboration with Peter Plate and Marcella Rockefeller. This year on March 3rd, his latest single „Glücklich geht nur ohne dich“ was released.

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We are proud to welcome Filippo Grasso, a very versatile author and artist, to the Lucile-Meisel team. He knows how to use his great talent as a lyricist and composer for artists in the field of Schlager and Pop.

Welcome to the team Filippo! Here’s to many joint successes and a great collaboration.