Foundation LUCILE-MEISEL Musikverlag GmbH



From now on, the two independent and entrepreneurially managed music publishers Meisel and Edition Plus will go their ways together. The publishing families will bundle their activities in the newly founded LUCILE-MEISEL Musikverlag GmbH. This will create the largest publishing house for Schlager in Europe in Berlin.

„The market changes are reaching Schlager. Our authors rightly demand new solutions. The merger expands our publishing range enormously. It opens up new perspectives and unique opportunities for our authors,“ Kirsten Meisel says, Managing Director of LUCILE-MEISEL GmbH. Marko Wünsch, also Managing Director, adds: „We now combine almost 100 years of competence, tradition and an enormously extraordinary catalogue with modern direct marketing as well as massive catalogue development and top positions in airplay and sales charts. The best is simply now coming together!

The companies have known each other for decades and work together as partners. Over the years, both have built up trust and have learned to appreciate each other in their work.

LUCILE-MEISEL GmbH is located in the traditional publishing house in Berlin’s Wittelsbacherstraße. The offices of Edition Plus and Meisel will remain and all previous contact persons will remain unchanged. „The merger does not aim to reduce personnel or cut costs. We are thus offering our authors the best and most optimal range of products on the market. That is why we have both decided to go down this common path.

The entire team is highly motivated and is looking forward to closely working together. The first exclusive songwriter camps for Telamo artists at Hansa Studios are already being planned,“ Kirsten Meisel continues.