LUCILE-MEISEL exclusively signs Franziska Wiese

LUCILE-MEISEL exclusively signs Franziska Wiese

The songwriter, singer and violinist Franziska Wiese has agreed on a long-term exclusive collaboration with the LUCILE-MEISEL. Franziska Wiese contributed lyrics and composition for the current single „lieben und leben“ from Bernhard Brink’s new album of the same name. The song has already been in the Top 5 of the airplay charts Germany Conservative Pop – Top 100 for weeks and has topped the radio charts three times in a row.

Kirsten Meisel, Managing Director of LUCILE-MEISEL & Meisel Musikverlage: „We are very pleased that Franziska is now part of the LUCILE-MEISEL family. Especially because of her many years of stage experience as an artist, she is a great and valuable addition to our authors team.“

Marcus Zander, publishing director of LUCILE-MEISEL, adds: „With Franziska Wiese we now have a very talented author and musician in the LUCILE-MEISEL team. She knows how to use her emotional lyrics and tailor-made compositions with pinpoint accuracy and very successfully for artists in the field of Schlager and Pop.“

After classical violin training at the Cottbus Conservatory and several years of singing lessons, the Berlin native began her musical career as a singer and instrumentalist. Franziska Wiese wrote and composed most of the songs for her debut album „Sinfonie der Träume“, which successfully entered the Top 50 of the German charts, and the follow-up album „Alles Weiss“.

Numerous TV appearances followed, including in the ARD Eurovision show „Das große Schlagerfest“ hosted by Florian Silbereisen, and tours. Her talent as a composer and lyricist was also recognised at this time by Roland Kaiser, for whom Franziska Wiese wrote the song „Das Beste am Leben“. She also wrote Anna-Carina Woitschack’s single „Zwischenspiel“.